Complete Metal Saw Cutting Services

Accurate Metal Sawing has the most modern and advanced metal cutting equipment in the Midwest with high speed output and production tolerances of +/- 0.005 inch. We provide precision cut material with minimal material loss. We have manual, semi-automatic, and fully-automatic saws located in cell groups close to finishing equipment such as automatic wire brush systems for deburring of the cut product. Our metal cutting specialties include ferrous, non-ferrous, stainless steel, and high temperature alloys.

Bandsaw Cutting

Accurate Metal Sawing has over 25 bandsaws with a maximum capacity of 34 inch round or square stock. We can efficiently process individual blanks as well as bar stock material up to 50 feet in length.

Bandsaw cutting up to 34 inch stock capacity
Aluminum and Steel Circular saw cutting

Circular Saw Cutting

Accurate Metal Sawing has full range of circular sawing equipment for producing high quality cut products with exceptional surface finish and length tolerances. We offer 100 percent machine inspection for cut-off length and cut squareness, with parts that meet ZERO DEFECT REQUIREMENTS as mandated by some of our automotive customers.

CNC Mitre Saw Cutting

Accurate Metal Sawing has several state of the art CNC mitre saws that are capable of providing multiple angle cut products from each bar. This helps us maximize yield and minimize material loss. All of our mitre saws utilize the most advanced thin kerf technology, which minimizes material lost in the cutting process while maximizing the quality of the cut surface finish.

CNC mitre saw for multiple angle metal cuts
Tube Lathe Saw Cutting for .5 to 3.25 inch stock

Tube Lathe Saw Cutting

Accurate Metal Sawing offers lathe cutting capabilities for tube stock from ½ inch to 4 inch diameter. Tube lengths may be as long as 27 feet with cut off lengths up to 10 feet. Wire brush deburring plus OD and ID chamfering can be added to parts production.

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